OKLAHOMA CITY - In his life, Elic Knight has faced many battles. He is a 46-year-old Army veteran who served from 1989 to 1993. Later in his life, he fought to keep a roof over his head, fending off homelessness. But now, there’s another fight.

Knight’s truck was stolen October 26th around 4 a.m. in Oklahoma City. It was parked in a lot near his work. He says he was trying to sell it and hopefully make a little money to pay bills and the upcoming holidays.

Knight says for a long time, the truck was his livelihood and, if it came to it, a place to sleep if he found himself without a home once more.

The veteran posted on Craigslist about the truck and says a few people even came by to check it out. However, within two days of it being parked on Meridian near Reno, it was stolen. Caught on surveillance camera, the thieves used their own car to push it down the street then strip it of its parts.

“Wheels, tires, class 3 trailer hitch off of it, stereo, air-conditioning parts, other items off of it,” Knight says.

The truck was recovered near NW 16th but so far, police say there have been no arrests in the case. Knight says it would have taken a group of people to move the truck in the first place. He believes multiple people are behind this crime.

He originally listed the truck at $1,600 but was offered $100 by a wrecker service after the thieves pulled parts of the vehicle.