BETHANY, Oklahoma - Surveillance video helped catch an alleged armed robber at a Bethany convenience store Tuesday night but his accomplice is still on the loose.

Police say 24-year-old Kevin Broome is one of two men dressed in black hooded sweatshirts with bandanas covering their faces that robbed Discount Tobacco at 9:30 Tuesday night on NW 23rd. Police say the two men then tried to rob the V.P. Racing convenience store just down the street less than 40 minutes later. Police say a customer there held the front door shut, delaying the robbers, and allowing police to get there. Other bystanders chased the alleged robbers. One of the suspects even fired shots at those bystanders.

Bethany Police Deputy Chief J.D. Reid says it’s still better leaving the police work up to police.

“Don’t chase them because you never know what they are willing to do. If they are willing to pull a robbery with guns, more than likely, they’ll use that gun if they are threatened with being caught.”

Kevin Boone, already a convicted felon, has been charged with four more felonies on $256,000 bond.