CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - The man who led police on a high-speed chase, driving a stolen pick-up, throughout Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties made his first appearance in court Monday.

Officers say they started chasing Brenton Hager around 11 a.m. in Oklahoma City, near SW 44th and Agnew. They say by chance, he was spotted by the owner of a pick-up who had reported the pick-up missing on November 3 out of Grady County.

Police say Hager covered interstates, neighborhoods and crossed many fields. The pursuit lasted about two and a half hours, and now News 9 has another look at the arrest.

Norman Police have released footage from an officer’s body camera, just after Hager was tased. That came after officers say Hager crashed the stolen truck into a pond off of SW 164th near Western Ave.

Oklahoma City Police add, every year they train to take on this type of crime and deadly force is always the last option.

“When someone has a stolen vehicle...That's not time to use deadly force...Where is that car gonna [sic] go? No one is steering it now and he could steer into somebody else,” said OCPD Captain Bo Mathews.

He added once the department’s helicopter is in the sky, they back off a ground pursuit if possible.

Captain Mathews said, “If you notice when police vehicles got closer--he started driving more erratic...Putting people in danger.”

OCPD confirmed Hager clipped or stuck at least three vehicles during the chase, including one deputy’s car.

Cleveland County court documents show because of that, Hager is charged with Assault on Police Officer with a Dangerous Weapon. He also faces a felony charge of Endangering Others While Eluding and six other charges.