OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman clings to life after being shot in the chest. It happened on November 2 inside 42-year-old Tangela Hanson’s home near NW 45th and Classen. According to court records, the violence stemmed from a domestic dispute with her husband. Now nearly two weeks later, he’s still on the run.

“It wasn't a marriage,” said Tamara Hanson, the victim’s sister. "It was ownership."

Tamara said her sister’s marriage to James Franklin, 60, was a bad relationship from the start.

“He would do things to her to and say things to just bring her down,” she said.

Tamara said there was a history of verbal and physical abuse that forced her sister to file several victim protective orders against Franklin. He was arrested back in February for violating the order.

“24 to 48 hours he was back out on the street to wreck hell on my sister,” Tamara said.

On November 2, court records show Tangela threatened to leave her husband. That’s when she told police he grabbed a black semi-automatic handgun and shot her in the chest. She fled to a neighbor’s house.

“This man has hell in him,” said Hanson. "He's a monster. He's a monster."

Now, with Franklin still out there, Tamara wants justice for her sister.

“It's going on a week and you know and I’m just feeling like its being brushed up under the rug like the VPOs,” she said. “I feel like they need to put his face everywhere. I want him off the streets.”

Franklin’s criminal past is lengthy with prior felony convictions involving drugs, rape and kidnapping. Police have issued a warrant for his arrest in the shooting of his wife.

“I've got a message for him,” Tamara said. "You reap what you sow. The devil's going to cash in on you pretty soon."

If you see Franklin, call police. Meanwhile, Tangela remains at an area hospital.