OKLAHOMA CITY - Emergency crews were called out to the scene of two separate crashes on the eastbound side of Interstate 240 in southwest Oklahoma City, Monday.

First responders were called out to the crashes on EB I-240, both located in between S. May Avenue and S. Penn. Avenue. One vehicle rolled over and off the roadway to the right, ending up on its top in the shoulder between I-240 and SW 74th Street, before catching fire.

The vehicle involved in the second crash occurred just to the east of the rollover. The vehicle in the second collision spun and ended up on the inside shoulder of the interstate facing the wrong direction. 

It is unclear if any other vehicles were involved. EMSA is on scene, but so far there has not been any word of serious injuries. According to scanner reports, a vehicle driving the wrong way on the interstate may have caused the crashes.   

This is a developing story.

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