BLANCHARD, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma man's career change after a terrible motorcycle accident is teaching him the benefits of slowing down.

Erik Macke is a leathersmith and works out his garage. He hand-makes custom wallets, belts, cozies, guitar straps and more.

“It’s a process for sure. You have to take you time with it. You can’t erase off the leather, it’s stuck there,” says Macke.

The career change came two years ago when Macke was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. For months he didn’t have feeling in his lower body and Doctors had to the remove his left leg.

“I believe a positive attitude brings a positive healing,” says Macke who was told by doctors that he probably wouldn’t walk again or be able to have children.

But Macke says he constantly believed he’d walk again. Within a year of the accident, he took his first steps using a prosthetic leg.

Macke used to work on power lines, but his leather business is his full-time job now. He and his wife just welcomed their second child. Waylon Macke will be two weeks old on Monday.

“Thank God for getting a second chance,” says Macke.

You can see Macke’s work on Instagram: @mackeleatherworks. His facebook page is @Macke Leatherworks. Link: