OKLAHOMA CITY - A plan to make Bricktown more accessible from the new Oklahoma City Boulevard has hit a road block.

City officials want to acquire the parking lot behind the U-Haul store to make Oklahoma Avenue a straight shot to Reno from OKC Boulevard.

Recently, OKC completed work to allow drivers to go around the U-Haul parking lot and into the Harkin’s Theater parking lot. It originally hoped U-Haul could use the parking lot to the west of the store and retro-fit its building by changing the store entrance to the westside as well.

The City says it negotiated with U-Haul for two years.

“Unfortunately we have been unable to reach a settlement, so we are proceeding with condemnation,” says OKC Dir. of Public Works Eric Wenger.

In a letter sent to Public Works today, U-Haul’s District VP Brett Hogan says "construction for what the city is asking will approach five million dollars. In response, the city offered us just over one million."

The city says the eminent domain process will last several months.