CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - On Thursday morning, 56 potential jurors filed into Judge Lori Walkley's courtroom in Cleveland County.

It's been four days of questioning to select the jury for Alton Nolen's murder trial. Nolen is charged with first degree murder and five other counts involving assault. The crime happened in September 2014. Police say Nolen allegedly beheaded his coworker at Vaughan Foods in Moore after he was suspended.

The state finished questioning the jurors on Wednesday afternoon so the day started with the defense.

Around noon, 18 jurors were excused. It left 8 men and 4 women in the box.

The remaining 26 people stayed in the room as 3 alternate jurors are needed for this death penalty case. 9 people were in the box at a time until eventually the final 3 were chosen. 1 man and 2 women are the alternates.

Opening statements have begun.

News 9's Tiffany Liou is in the courtroom with updates. (