CORDELL, Oklahoma - Police in Cordell said there were no major injuries to report but power lines snapped, trees were uprooted and properties were damaged in Thursday afternoon's storm. 

Powerful winds ripped off the roof of Cordell Guns and threw it across the street, which made way for heavy rainfall to come in and soak what was inside.

Rick Cook is part owner of the store and was helping his family with damage when he got the call.

"So I ran up here, got all the guns out, boxed up the ammo. It was already soaked wet and I just left everything else. There's not much we could do for it," he said. 

Police said a blinking traffic control light was blown off and crumpled up on the curb. And the mess continued in the main part of town. 

The roof peeled off apartments across from the courthouse and took out second story windows. 

Michelle Chandler was in her place when it hit.

"I was two feet away from the ceiling when it came down and I mean, just water went everywhere. I was freaking out," Chandler told News 9.

A lot of her things are ruined but she said the community came quickly to clean up. 

And for now she has a safe place to stay. 

"Anywhere else I've ever lived I don't think anybody would've come to help like this...not like this," she said. 

Cordell Assistant Police Chief Steven Nail said around the time of the storm, a woman across the street from the gun store trying to close up a gas station was hit in the head by a suspect who made off with some cash. 

She's recovering in the hospital and he said they're waiting to interview her for more information.