NORMAN, Oklahoma - Friday night, a gutsy Marlow seventh grader received OU Medical Center’s “Tough Kid Award” at the Hospital’s annual “Survivor Reception.” 

Jesse Galvan III was walking home from the public library, when he was struck and run over by a semi-tractor trailer last August 2. He suffered numerous broken bones, and a collapsed lung, which doctors said that alone, is a killer half of the time. 

OU Medical Center called Galvan’s fast recovery nothing short of a miracle.

“To me it means that I’ve been working very hard,” said Galvan. “And I have just done the absolute best I can.” 

Ironically, Galvan’s father Jesse Galvan Jr. is a commercial truck driver. He said he harbors no bitterness at all.

“Accidents happen. If anything, I’m more you know grateful he’s alive to where I don’t have room to be upset or have any animosity or anything like that,” said Galvan Jr.

Galvan’s trauma surgeon Dr. Jeremy Johnson said the young man deserves the bulk of the credit.

“He not only survived, I mean he was supposed to be in the rehab center three or four months, and he was there for three or four weeks. I mean, he did a lot of the work himself.”

Jesse was able to return to school this past January.