SAYRE, Oklahoma - A woman in far western Oklahoma is hoping to find the rightful owner of a piece of a jewelry found about 10 years ago.

Trisha O’Quinn and her grandmother were going fishing and were about to run off a young couple who decided to go fishing at their family’s pond outside town. When they got closer to the couple, they noticed the wife was in tears and searching the bottom of the water.

“She said, when she was casting her pole, that her wedding ring had fallen off her finger,” said O’Quinn, who helped look for the ring.

It was missing for months, until the water level dropped in the pond.

“I found it right away. It was probably five minutes looking for it. I couldn’t believe it,” said O’Quinn, who was a teenager at the time.

But the phone number the couple left, in case the multiple diamond gold ring was found, was disconnected. The piece of paper with the couple’s name on it was eventually misplaced.

The ring would stay in O’Quinn’s jewelry drawer for years, only being worn for special occasions.

“It’s kind of been a good luck charm honestly. I wore it to my homecoming because it’s my size,” O’Quinn said with a laugh.

But recently, O’Quinn got to thinking about that ring and who should be wearing it on their finger. So, she posted the fishing tale from 10 years ago on Facebook and it went viral.

The story has been shared all over the country, and world, more than 24,000 times.

"I’m sure they've given up hope. It's long gone to them. So it’s a brand new present all over again,” said O’Quinn.

The Sayre neighbor and her grandmother are withholding some information about the couple, so these two can rightfully verify the owner.