OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is out of a job and more disciplinary action may be pending after he was caught on camera Wednesday, yelling racial slurs at a mother in the Briarwood Elementary School carpool line.

Moore Public Schools called police to patrol the area at pickup time Thursday, to prevent any new altercations, but the woman who was targeted just hopes students did not pick up on the hateful language.

Krystan Turner says she was about to leave the carpool line with her two kids Wednesday afternoon when she saw a man approach the crosswalk.

“I look at him, he’s not moving,” she said, “so I proceeded to move forward and keep going.”

Turner says the man then stepped down into the roadway and started to yell at her and call her a “stupid b****,” so she pulled out her phone to record the encounter.

In the video, she asks, “What are you cussing for?” He responds, “Get the f*** out of here, stupid. You f***ing p**** monkey.” The exchange continues, with the man waving his middle fingers at Turner and calling her a “negro.”

Turner says it did not end on school grounds. When she left, she says she came across the man again in her neighborhood.

“He sees me, stops and then pulls forward and blocks my car from driving forward,” said Turner.

MPS launched an investigation as soon as they found out about the racially charged exchange.

“We sometimes have a shouting match every now and then between parents, but nothing that involves something like this,” said Director of safety and security, Dustin Horstkoetter.

Horstkoetter says the man from Moore Public Schools for breaking the code of conduct, which applies to parents as well as staff members.

“The racial slurs, insensitive racial remarks, we don’t tolerate it,” Horstkoetter told News 9.

The man in the video is still unidentified, but his uniform shows he worked for Field Aerospace. That company released a statement Thursday, announcing he would no longer be a contractor there.

It was brought to our attention that a contract employee was in an altercation during off-work hours in which he made highly inappropriate and offensive remarks. It is the policy and practice of Aerotek not to discuss the specifics of any personnel matter, but we can confirm that we investigated the matter and he is no longer employed by Aerotek. His remarks were appalling, and are the antithesis of our beliefs and values as an organization committed to diversity, equal opportunity and respect.

Turner hopes the man apologizes to the students who were there when it happened.

“I can’t tell him how to raise his children,” she said, “but I’m like come on. You can’t conduct yourself that way in any setting anywhere, especially at a school around children.”

A section of the MPS district handbook notes that anyone interfering with the peaceful conduct of activities at a school can be removed from campus for at least 30 days.