OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City Psychic is speaking out after the arrest and prosecution of another fortune teller.

“There are bad apples in every bunch regardless of where you go in life,” said Stephen Dillard-Carroll, who goes by the name “The Traveling Tarot.”

“I try to do everything as ethically as I can,” says Dillard-Carroll.

Dillard-Carroll charges $50 an hour to tell a person’s fortune using tarot cards and says he tries to make each reading “one and done.”

“We are not trying to rip people off,” added Dillard-Carroll, who says most local fortune tellers are trying to guide and help clients with their service.

Accepting money to tell a fortune is illegal in Oklahoma, but it’s rarely prosecuted.

Prosecutors though in Oklahoma County are pursuing a conviction for psychic Sonia Marks. Police say she swindled thousands from clients at her fortune telling business at S. Meridian Ave. and SW 33rd St.

“She would look at their palm and tell them if you leave a large sum of money here and come back in a week that money will have doubled,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with OCPD in August 2016, when Marks was arrested after an undercover investigation.

Marks’ next court date in scheduled for March. She was convicted on similar charges in Ohio in January 2015 and asked to $187,000 in restitution.