OKLAHOMA CITY - A thief with multiple accomplices was caught on camera stealing packages off a front porch in northwest Oklahoma City near NW 122nd St. and N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Rebecca Edwards was expecting several boxes filled with Christmas gifts for her sister and daughter.

“It all said that they had been delivered on the 22nd,” said Rebecca after she checked the tracking numbers online.

Her family recently installed surveillance videos so they decided to look back on the recording. In the afternoon on Dec. 22, a USPS delivery person is seen dropping off mail from house to house, leaving two packages at Edwards’ door step.

“About 45 minutes later, we saw a white car pull up. They pulled up in front of the house, ran up, and tried to pick up one package. It was very heavy,” said Edwards.

The vehicle looked like white Dodge Magnum with black rims. The suspect knocked over that heavy package, which was delivered earlier in the day by FedEx, and decided to move on. He or she grabbed the two items dropped off recently by USPS.

Edwards noticed a smirk on the suspect’s face in the surveillance footage. There were multiple angles captured.

The suspect ran back into the car, and the driver rolled down to the end of the street. One person, who she believes is the same person who stole the packages, jumped out and ran toward a neighbor’s house.

The driver took off. None of them were seen on surveillance again. Edwards said those neighbors are missing a package as well.

“It looked like four. It looked like there was a driver, two people in the back, and then one person in the front,” Edwards said.

She’s taken all precaution by filing a case with the Oklahoma City Police Department and putting the surveillance footage out on social media to see if anyone will recognize the suspects or the car.

Edwards says she plans to press charges if they are arrested.

“For someone to just take it and think they have the right to is unnerving and very frustrating.”