OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City just started selling the latest version of its annual Christmas ornament. It’s a fundraiser for the “Oklahoma River Foundation Fund”.

Mike McCauliffe has organized OKC’s annual free Christmas parade since 2004. He says since then, the Oklahoma River Foundation Fund has accumulated $840,000.

“Eventually when that fund gets to a million dollars, they’ll be able to take the interest from that fund, and re-invest it back into the river, whether that’s trails or whatever the Riverfront Authority decides is the best way to use those funds,” said McCauliffe. 

The ornaments, which commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Arts Festival, sell for $14.95 at Full Circle Book Store across from Penn Square Mall. They’re also available at the Oklahoma City Art Museum downtown. 

Long-time OKC civic leader Jim Tolbert owns Full Circle Book Store. 

“Well it makes wonderful sense, and it’s not just the White House that can do this, Oklahoma City can do this,” said Tolbert.