OKLAHOMA CITY - Criminals can strike at any time, violating victims and taking the property they paid good money for. As many of us head out for the holidays, there are several ways to be proactive.

A local insurance agent recommends taking photos or video, even with your phone, of everything in your house. And when you’re doing the walk-thru, it’s helpful to include the brand and serial number of the items.

Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama said burglars like the darkness, so keep your home well lit. Your house could also become a target if you display your Christmas gifts or post your travel plans on social media.

“People who are out to commit crimes, they have access to the Internet. They can look to try to figure out where you’re at. A lot of pictures that you post on Facebook – there’s ways of figuring out the latitude and longitude and they can figure out where you live,” he said.

Balderrama also said having a home surveillance camera system can be helpful. And if you announce it with a sign out front, it could deter criminals from coming to your house. And if you’re on a longer trip, you may want to have your mail held or have someone come pick it up for you.

Another way to keep tabs on your home, is getting to know your neighbors. Monica Edson is part of the volunteer-run Winds West Neighborhood Watch group in Southwest Oklahoma City. Nearly 400 members there are looking out for each other.

“You’ve got that added sense of security,” she explained. “You’re going to prevent more crime. You’re going to prevent something happening at your home and it’s going to be better for everybody in the neighborhood,” Edson told News 9.