OKLAHOMA CITY - The project manager for the Santa Fe Station renovation says the inside will be completed within six weeks.

Restoring the art deco interior is one phase of the four phase $28-millon project, which includes tunneling under the railroad tracks to Bricktown.

News 9 has learned some of the renovated space will be used as office space, including the ballroom which was looked at for a possible restaurant location.

“From what I heard there was no interest in putting a restaurant in. No one was trying to get that space as a restaurant,” said Jeanne Smith, with Embark, which will serve has landlord of the property.

Instead, Oklahoma River Cruises will move offices into the ballroom. Spokies, the city’s bike share program, will also have offices in Santa Fe Station and their maintenance garage.

Right now, both are housed in Union Station.

Even though a restaurant isn’t planned for Santa Fe Station right now, retail space is also still in the plans.

Due to Project 180 improvements being made outside the station, offices may not be moved until roadwork is done in the spring of 2017.