The NBA cited two critical missed calls from last night's Thunder loss to the Hawks in its Last Two Minute Report that was released on Tuesday. 

After Paul Millsap drained a go-ahead jumper to put the Hawks up 110-108 with 12 seconds left in the game, the report states that Westbrook was fouled two times by Thabo Sefolosha and Kent Bazemore. 

With 7.2 seconds left in the game Westbrook drove towards the lane and missed a shot after appearing to absorb contact from Sefolosha. It wasn't whistled at the time, but the report says: "Sefolosha (ATL) makes contact with Westbrook's (OKC) body that affects his drive to the basket and shot attempt."

Westbrook then had another opportunity to make a big play with 2.6 seconds left after his second shot was blocked out of bounds. Following a Thunder timeout, Westbrook took the inbound pass and rose up for a 3-pointer that fell short of reaching the rim after Bazemore closely contested the shot. Even though Westbrook argued for a call and a chance to take the lead with three free throws, there was no whistle yet again. Regarding that final Westbrook shot, the report says: "Bazemore (ATL) makes contact with Westbrook's (OKC) arm that affects his jump shot attempt."

While the report doesn't change the outcome, it helps hold NBA officials accountable when they aren't making the correct calls. 

The Thunder is now 16-12 on the season and will be back in action on Wednesday against the Pelicans.