OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro foster mother said she feels like she has been punched in the gut.

Thieves ransacked her home Sunday in broad daylight and took her family's Christmas presents and more.

The burglary happened while Amber Swiggart was at church with her biological son and one of two foster kids she is adopting.

Televisions, a laptop computer and all the Christmas gifts under the tree were taken from the family’s home in the 2800 block of N Woodward Avenue

“We just have to hope somebody used it to help their family have a better Christmas and we’ll just make it work for us,” said Swiggart about what she told her boys.

Swiggart isn’t sure about how she’ll pay the bills and still be able to replace the gifts.

“(I've) Been unemployed for six months and now I’m permanent. I’m just about caught up on everything and now I have to worry about this,” said Swiggart. "I feel kicked in the gut, it’s the holiday."