OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are investigating a robbery at a southwest Oklahoma City dress shop. And they have posted surveillance video of it on their Facebook page.

Surveillance shows three teenagers walking inside the Amanda's Coast to Coast dress shop near SW 44th and Agnew.

In the video, you see they have their hoodies up, trying to keep a low profile. You also see them looking around the store trying to decide the right time to make their move. And then they do. From another camera angle, you see one of them approach the store owner and then pull a gun right to his face.

But the owner grabs the gun and wrestled the kid down to the ground, only to have the other teens jump on him and hit him on the head.

"We actually heard some noises, some banging," said Charlie Bishop, who works at the beauty shop right next door.

Bishop had no idea the dress store owner had been attacked and robbed until police cars arrived on the scene. He was even more surprised when we showed him the surveillance video of the owner taking matters into his own hands.

"Yeah he's pretty brave," said Bishop.

Amanda's coast-to-coast dress shop was locked up tight on Thursday. Workers and shop owners in the same strip mall say they watch out for each other and also have surveillance cameras to try to keep an eye on any criminal activity. They hope it will act as a deterrent too. They say they just want the brazen teens captured - before they target anyone else.

If you recognize them call Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers at (450) 235-7300.