DIBBLE, Oklahoma - A 16-year old boy is dead and two of his friends hospitalized after a crash Tuesday, that police and the victim’s father say, should have never happened.

Tuesday, police said 18-year old Brandon Steffens was driving his pickup with three friends along MacArthur Avenue near Dibble. Police said he was going so fast, he bottomed the truck out on a bridge.

"That road is a two-lane road. Going southbound there there's a bridge at the bottom,” said Trooper Dwight Durant with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “Indications are that they bottomed out which caused the vehicle to go off the road to the right."

Police said Steffens flipped the truck ejecting himself and two friends. One of those friends, 16-year old Garrett Early, was thrown 20-feet. He died at the scene.

"I know he really liked going fast and stuff like that,” said Early’s friend, Hunter Branson, “So, I really don't know what to say. Just it's hard."

Early’s father said for months he had been talking with his son about the dangers of driving too fast. When he heard the sirens, and saw the emergency helicopter, he feared the worst.

"I had a got deep feeling. And we went to the location where the helicopter was. And it was him,” said Mr. Early. "I don't know how to describe it it's just sickening feeling. It makes you water your insides just empty."

As Mr. Early plans his son’s funeral, he wants other teens to understand how dangerous it is to speed like this.

Branson said this has changed him. "It has. I'm not gonna [sic] be doing stuff like this."

He continued, “It's definitely, I haven't started driving yet but I’m not going to be doing stuff like this now."

OHP is still investigating to see how fast Steffens was going and whether charges will be filed.