A handful of electors in the Electoral College are asking for an intelligence briefing about Russia's alleged interference in the campaign before they have to cast their final votes for president next week.

Here's what you had to say: 

Lisa says give them the intelligence briefing. "This is not only their right, but the responsibility entrusted to them by the Constitution." 

But Shelley argues, "..all of those leaked e-mails are true. All Russia (or whoever) did was make them available. The DNC has no one to blame but themselves."

Kelsey warns, "..if they fail to accomplish their elected job and vote the way they "feel," then our country is finished."

Keith wonders, "When will the crying and whining stop. The media blew up over Trump not saying he would accept the results"

From Pamela, "We need to know if Russia and Trump were involved in election tampering before he gets sworn in to office."

Kimberly writes, "They need to do their job and vote like the people want and proved on election night."

Finally, this shot from Tim, "I don't give a hoot what your opinion is Kelly Ogle, your job is to report the news not give your opinion. My 2 cents is you keep your 2 cents to yourself. This is America, keep Russia out!"

You must give a tiny hoot, Tim, to watch and weigh in like this.  
I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.