OKLAHOMA CITY - Your kids may be asking Santa for the coolest new toys for Christmas this year, but for some, the request is much simpler.

A blanket drive at Parmelee Elementary School started after teachers asked their first grade classes to make a Christmas wish list. They were surprised to learn the things kids wanted most was warmth this holiday season.

First grade teacher Jamie Coleman was the one to notice a pattern in this year's wish list project. She said five or six kids from each participating class all asked for the same thing.

“I thought of clothes and shoes, but I never thought of blankets being an essential item that kids don’t have,” she said. “So, it was a bit shocking.”

Maybe even more shocking, though, is the result. More than 1,800 blankets poured in from around the community after Coleman reached out on social media asking for help.

“Our friends shared it. Our families shared it, and the next thing you know we have people we don’t even know dropping off blankets,” she said.

On Monday, teachers spent the morning helping each student make the perfect selection for their bedroom, weighing softness, color and size from the vast assortment of donations.

“It’s taken a lot not to cry, because it is really overwhelming for these kids, and to see their faces light up when they know that this is their blanket. They get to take it home,” said Coleman.

“I’m going to put it in my bedroom tonight!” said second grade student Masaia Grayson of his white and black filigree blanket.

Although Parmelee is one of the largest elementary schools in Oklahoma City, there were still hundreds of blankets left over, even after all the students picked their own. The rest will be distributed to schools around the area.