OKLAHOMA CITY - A computer software glitch is leaving Cleveland County residents without property tax bills and a deadline looming to pay what they owe.

Tim and Sharon Kay are hanging decorations and trimming the Christmas tree. The only thing missing are the presents underneath. 

"I’ve kinda put off Christmas shopping at this point because I don't really know exact numbers yet," said Tim Kay.

The Kays, like everyone else in Cleveland County, still haven’t gotten their property tax bills.

"I've called down there and nobody really seems to know what's going on,” Tim Kay said. “They say it's not in their control. But it makes you wonder who's running the ship down there."

Cleveland County treasurer Jim Reynolds said the County Assessor’s office recently started using a new software, and there were serious glitches. 

That meant the assessor’s office wasn’t able to get tax figures to the treasurer's office until Friday. 

"That's normally in by the first of November and so it's been a month late,” Reynolds said. “So we've been sitting here waiting just like everybody else."

For a lot of property owners this won’t be a problem; the cash is in escrow through their mortgage company. But for those without a mortgage, especially those in Norman or Moore where there were significant bond measures passed, it’s tough to estimate what’s owed. 

Reynolds said the software issue has been fixed and taxpayers will be able to see their bills on the county treasurer’s website.  

“We will have that information, if everything goes well, we'll have that information on line tomorrow," he said.

The bills have also been sent to the printer.

“Oh, it's going out. Yes. Absolutely," Reynolds said.

Taxpayers in Cleveland County will have until Jan. 6 to cut a check.