The Bishop McGuinness-Carl Albert game will be highly watched Friday night.  These Bishop McGuinness seniors are one win away from making some history together. They also have history - 11 years of playing football together dating back to the 1st grade.

"It's a pretty big deal that we all remain friends from that young age, that's the biggest things to me,” said Clay Morris, Bishop McGuinness Senior.

The Irish 8 went a combined 38-1 from 4th through 6th grades. That one loss was to a team quarterbacked by Jarett Lewis, the current starting quarterback for Bishop McGuinness.

"It's been an ongoing argument for the last four years. No doubt about it. We continue to talk about it in football and outside of it. It's really cool to grow up with these kids, know them through little league sports, come together, play on one really, really talented team in high school. It's incredible that's were playing for a state championship,” said Lewis.

Now after 11 years and countless games, it all comes down to one more.

"I don't think anyone would have imagined in 3rd or 4th grade that we'd be out here, high school seniors, going for a state championship. Back then, it was just like, we were going out there to have fun, play around, what everyone does. But now it's a bigger stage, more serious,” said Matt Chancellor, Bishop McGuinness Senior.

And there's one more picture the Irish would like to duplicate. This one from 5th grade when the Packers won the state championship at Wantland Stadium. It’s the same field they’ll take to during Friday's championship against Carl Albert.