OKLAHOMA CITY - A 3-year-old is hospitalized after being shot during a drive-by shooting on the city’s northeast side Wednesday night. And police say the shooter is still on the loose.

The shots rang out just after 9 p.m. at a home on the corner of Madison St. and Creston Dr. Bullets sliced through the door and windows, striking the little girl in the back.  Neighbor Clyde Metcalf heard the gunfire. 

"I don't know, I just heard about maybe seven gunshots, heard a car speed off, and I came outside and I didn't see nothing so I went back in. Then when I came back out I see all the police out there."

Then Metcalf saw something much worse; a little girl being carried out of the house on a stretcher. 

"That kinda bothered me a little bit. I didn't really like that,” Metcalf said. “I mean, that's a shame. And I saw the other little kid running around crying and you know, he was just trembling all over."

Folks here say this is a quiet neighborhood and the people who live in the home that was shot up haven’t been any trouble. 

"Over there they just seem like a family. They're always outside with the kids and they seem like nice people," Metcalf said.

A police spokesman didn’t know the condition of the little girl. As for the shooter, neighbor Alora Golden said, "They need to be dealt with. They need to go to jail. Yeah."

Metcalf added, "That's like cowardly to me. That's cowardly. Somebody just drive-by somebody's house and not knowing what they're shooting at. Just shooting, you know?  Innocent little 3-year-old girl got shot."