OKLAHOMA CITY - Board members with the Oklahoma City Public Schools voted 6 to 1 to keep the current "Continuous Learning Calendar" (CLC) in a meeting Monday.

The CLC has an earlier start date, shorter summer break and extended breaks in the fall and spring.

When it was put in place years ago, district officials said it would give students who are behind a chance to catch up with intersession classes during those breaks.

But with some achievement numbers down and the possibility of saving half a million dollars in utilities, the board decided to evaluate the other options.

The traditional calendar has a later start date, longer summer breaks and fewer breaks during the year.

A hybrid calendar was also considered.

During public comment, Gary Jones went to bat for the children who need remediation.

"I've just grown to love these kids," he said.

Jones told the board their focus should not be on adjusting the calendar, but adjusting their efforts to improve remediation in the district.

After voting to support the current calendar, the board vowed to work toward improving remediation programs and holding administrators accountable.

This vote was also in line with how students, parents and teachers felt in the surveys from the research committee. Those groups all preferred keeping the CLC.