EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond police are trying to find two men who broke into the home of an Oklahoma City Police officer, Thursday afternoon.

It happened in the Centennial neighborhood near Coltrane and Coffee Creek Road. Police say the thieves took the officer's gun, police shirts, and several other police issued items. What’s more, the officer was able to watch the crime unfold on his phone when he got an alert from his home security system.

The surveillance video is from the officer's home security camera that he had hidden in the living room. It shows one of the thieves rummaging around the living room, while the other hit the bedrooms.

"In this day and time, you never know what people could use these items for," said Sgt. James Hamm with the Edmond Police department. "Whether it is to try to access secure areas, impersonate a police officer, what the case may be."

Police say the thieves got in by kicking in a side garage door and then proceeded to dump out dresser drawers in every bedroom, including the children's rooms and even used the family's laundry basket to carry the stolen items. But police do not believe the officer's home was specifically targeted.

"There were several homes kind of in the area [Thursday] up in that part of our city that were burglarized and we don't know if it is the same crew of a couple guys that hit several homes," said Hamm. "So it very well could be that he was just a victim of a crime and they had no idea a police officer lived there."

Police in both Edmond and Oklahoma City are now hoping someone recognizes the man caught on tape committing the crime and turns him in, since they were able to slip out of the home before police arrived.

Police say if you know who this guy is call Edmond police at (405) 359-4338.