OKLAHOMA CITY - Sunday was World Kindness Day, and one metro group continues to pay it forward by buying groceries for unsuspecting customers. Fill My Basket is now spreading the message on a global scale.

In addition to spending their Sunday afternoon paying for the groceries of more than 20 Oklahoma City families, the Fill My Basket group also premiered a documentary about their cause at the Paramount Theater. They say right now, it is important to just be nice.

A covert operation in everyday life is making the day a little brighter for a few people at a time. Disty Simpson and Matthew Danuser started filling baskets three months ago, and their team now regularly goes into local grocery stores with hidden cameras and hidden shoppers.

“I’m really shocked right now. I don’t even have words,” said grocery recipient Vanessa, who is the mother of a baby daughter.

“It was a surprise,” said Lorena right after she and Manuel received free groceries.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless!” Manuel added.

The footage the Fill My Basket crew compiled is now a documentary being seen across the globe. First hitting the web on Friday, the video already has more than 5 million views.

“We get to spread the message of kindness and love,” said Simpson. “That’s been our message from the beginning, since we started, just to show the world more love.”

Starting with money out of their own pockets, the guys now have sponsors as well as donors, helping them surprise even more people.

“We’re not loaded,” said donor and team member Felix Cornejo. “We don’t have a bunch of money, but we have our time and our faith that’s really running this whole thing.”

On World Kindness Day, their message to others is help a neighbor.

“It’s a lot bigger than just the small act you’re doing, so I would say just stop what you’re doing and do something for somebody,” Danuser said.

“It’s really good, actually,” said grocery recipient Jose after Fill My Basket paid for two shopping carts full of food. “It makes me want to do something nice, pass it on to other people.”

As this movement grows, you can pay it forward on your own or contribute to Fill My Basket. To learn more about the organization, click here.