OKLAHOMA CITY - Zachary Morton served in the United States Navy for 13 years. In 2005, he was overseas in Iraq when he and a fellow seal came up with the concept of a running gym.

Morton said, “It was something fun to talk about and then we moved on.”

He is now making their vision a reality.

Two weeks ago, Morton opened Higher Ground Running on May Avenue in Oklahoma City. He said his gym is for anyone who has fitness goals, especially those who want to become better runners.

With 45 minute sessions, Morton and his team aim to make running fun. On Friday nights, there is even a class called “Rave Run”, where runners are decked out in glow sticks and run under disco balls and black lights.  

Morton said he is running for the friends he lost overseas, and for all troops and veterans who serve the country.  After four tours, he is thankful to be opening a running gym that he and his teammate thought of together.