OKLAHOMA CITY - More than 200 new laws went into effect this month in Oklahoma. But one updates a law that's been in effect since the 1920s.

Pocket knives are normally what we consider the upper limit of what we're allowed to carry here in Oklahoma. But Senate Bill 1159 adds daggers, Bowie knives, Dirk knives, and swords to the list.

In the past, you were allowed to own these items but not carry them. Those who fought to change the law say the government shouldn't ban people from carrying common tools easily made by anyone.

"I think it's a good thing," says David Stone of Dong's Guns, Ammo, and Reloading in Tulsa. "People who have been convicted of a felony, something that's not violent, like a felony DUI, can't have a gun anymore so this would be a good self-defense weapon for them."

This law follows last year's change that made switchblades or automatic knives also legal to carry.