OKLAHOMA CITY - Our new NextGen Live radar is the fastest and most powerful dual pol radar in Oklahoma. And ... it's also the smartest.

The radar is called a smart radar because it's constantly checking itself to make sure that its calibrated or that it's running smoothly.

"This is a mechanical device, mechanical and electrical device, there are going to be issues from time to time," said Bob Dreisewerd, Baron Chief Development Officer. "Being able to be alerted to those issues before they creep up, you're always operating with your radar, the radar is never down."

Every year, News 9 has to give our radar a tune-up. Our NextGen Live is consistently giving itself a tune up. It understands what's happening and if there's a problem with the computer system.

"It helps guide you of where you should be focused on obviously and that's something that you will be able to use to your benefit in a situation where you've got multiple storms happening like you do often in Oklahoma City area," said Steve Bray, Baron Meteorologist.

When there's no weather going on, the radar will power down to very low power and then when it senses the first sign of any rain drops or snow flakes, it powers itself back up. It will even alert the weather team by email when it senses any type of weather.