OKLAHOMA CITY - Right now, Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm is in New York fielding a lot of questions about whether he will take the energy secretary cabinet position if offered. 

But he wanted to make one thing very clear when he spoke with News 9, and that is he has no plans to leave Continental Resources or Oklahoma.

"Absolutely, I am committed to Oklahoma and committed to Oklahoma City," said Hamm during News 9's exclusive satellite interview with him Wednesday afternoon.

Its been a whirlwind 24 hours for Oklahoma billionaire Hamm, who was in the room at the New York Hilton when Trump gave his victory speech. 

Trump even gave a direct nod to Hamm's influence during one of his campaign visits this summer.

That is why many are saying that Hamm could very well be Trump's top choice for the secretary of energy position in his cabinet.

But, in an email he sent out Wednesday morning to workers at Continental Resources, he stated he has no plans to take it, writing in part:

"As excited as I am to see this change come to Washington, D.C., I remain committed to you, our company and our city.

"Our efforts to help President Trump get elected have been about creating a better working environment for the oil industry and Continental Resources, but our focus remains on building this great company."

Hamm said he definitely wants to continue having an advisory role on Trump's presidential team and even mentioned Oklahomans may be on the short list.

So, what was it like being part of Trump's watch party-turned-victory celebration? He said it was exciting and no surprise to him that Trump won.

"The hard work that he has done has been tremendous. I mean, he has a work ethic above and beyond anybody I have ever seen," said Hamm.