CUSHING, Oklahoma - A 5.0-magnitude earthquake crumbled parts of the Cimarron Tower apartment complex Sunday. 

The structural integrity of the building remains uncertain Monday night.

The building was evacuated after the quake, and residents are spending a second night at the American Red Cross emergency shelter.

"I'm just one of those lucky people," said Dennis Burk, a Cimarron Tower resident.

Burk dodged debris falling from the Cimarron Tower during a walk from his apartment to a nearby store.

"No matter what happens, I manage to survive," Burk said.

He said he turned around to see rubble covering the sidewalk behind him.

While Burk counted his blessings, first responders evacuated the Cimarron Tower. 

No one has been allowed back inside as a safety precaution. 

Sixteen of the 34 residents are now waiting at the American Red Cross shelter.

"A lot of them just want to know when they can get back in and get their stuff," said Mary Ann White, the Northwest Oklahoma Chapter of the American Red Cross executive director.

The nonprofit worked with Cushing firefighters to retrieve some of the resident's necessities from their apartments.

"We tried to get the top five things that they needed out of each one of their apartment," White said.

Firefighters gathered medications, medical equipment and their wallets.

Residents were most relieved to hear their pets were also rescued.

Burk said his pet, Miss Kitty, was alone in his apartment for nearly 24 hours.

"She [Miss Kitty] is in better shape now than she was sitting up there wondering," Burk said.

His cat and other pets are being fostered until the residents are given more information on a permanent living solution.