OKLAHOMA CITY - Thursday, Oklahoma City firefighters got to do something they say they haven’t been able to do for several years.

They practiced “Big Rig Training” at the Fire Department’s Training Field at 850 North Portland.  That training involved five simulated accident scenes, which included semi-tractor trailer trucks, cars, injured people, and even a simulated 100-pound chlorine cylinder leak. 

Fire Department Spokesman Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson said because Oklahoma City extends across 621 square miles, firefighters have to be trained to respond to a host of emergencies.

“So really all kinds of things that we encounter here, because we have the urban area, and we have the very large urban wild land interface, we see farm accidents, and anything of that nature,” said Fulkerson. 

A guest instructor who came to Oklahoma from North Carolina, helped coordinate the series of training exercises. One fire captain told News 9 he hasn’t seen the exercises performed together in his 15 years on the fire department.