OKLAHOMA CITY - The dashcam video released by Oklahoma Highway Patrol made thousands awe at Trooper Brian Costanza’s skills. Authorities say it’s part of tactical team training to shoot through windshields under scenario’s like the Michael Vance shootout.

“He was engaging through his windshield,” said Captain Brent Sugg, “The first set of rounds were to create a spot in the windshield so rounds could continue to penetrate to reach Vance.”

Sugg referred to an older case where another trooper had to use the same technique when a felon tried to kill him.

Trooper Brian Costanza, a 14-year veteran of the patrol, was the first officer in pursuit of Vance.  

OHP Chief Rick Adams said, “This man had every intention of taking the officers with him.”

Going into the chase, Adams said they had a feeling it would end violently. The 38-year-old fugitive already killed two family members and shot five people, including three law enforcement officers.

“We have every reason to believe at this point in time that deadly force is authorized if we cannot bring him down peacefully,” said Chief Adams.

The dashcam video shows Vance shooting at Trooper Costanza. This all started during the high-speed chase. Costanza took no risk and shot through the windshield as the tailed the fugitive down the country road.

Vance eventually got out of the stolen truck, emptying two 30-round magazines before five OHP troopers fired their weapons to end his life.

News 9 requested to speak to the troopers involved in the shootout, but the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said they are on administrative leave following the shooting.