OKLAHOMA CITY - Newly released video shows a rolling gun battle between Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and Michael Vance Jr. 

Dashboard cameras inside several patrol cruisers captured the dramatic shootout on Sunday.

Troopers shot and killed Vance after a high-speed chase in western Oklahoma.

It was the culmination of a week-long manhunt.

Authorities had been searching for the fugitive in connection with two homicides and the shootings of four people, including two Wellston police officers, last week.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol released about five minutes of footage from the helicopter and several cruisers.

"This man had every intention of taking officers with him," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Ricky Adams.

Adams described the video in detail.

A chopper was overhead. 

The footage showed Vance speeding down County Road 2130 with an OHP SUV chasing after him. 

The video then showed Vance approaching a partial road block.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Capt. Brent Sugg explained, a full road block was warranted for a fugitive of Vance's caliber. However, it was not used in an effort to give Vance an opportunity to surrender. 

Instead, the video showed Vance speeding through the three car roadblock and exchanging gunfire with the troopers.

"We can't bring him down peacefully," Adams said. "He's had every opportunity at this point to surrender, peacefully."

At this point, dashboard camera video showed trooper Brian Costanza, a 14-year veteran with the patrol, shoot out his own windshield.

While driving his SUV, Costanza managed to fire off more than 50 rounds at Vance, who is shown firing back at troopers.

Trooper Trent Keasler, in his third year on the job, joined in the chase from the roadblock.

Trooper Micah Whittington, a 19-year veteran with OHP, and two 11-year veterans, troopers Brandon Seward and Chris Hanover were also in pursuit.

"He's shooting at us," a troopers warns the others. "Hey, you better back off ... you're running a shots fired."

On his two-way, Costanza said, "Yeah, shots fired. I’m trying to knock him out."  

More than a mile past the roadblock, the video showed the stolen pickup slowing and stopping.

Vance got out of the vehicle and took cover behind it.

Authorities said he used the pickup as a shield as it rolled toward the troopers and Vance kept shooting. 

The firefight ensues, and soon, the video showed Vance falling to the ground.

Authorities said he'd been armed with an AK-47 and emptied at least two 30 round magazines during the gun battle. 

At this point, it's unclear the exact number of gunshots exchanged that night.

None of the troopers were injured. All five are now on routine administrative leave.