OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's office held a news conference Monday afternoon regarding its investigation into the Michael Vance case.

Michael Dale Vance, Jr., was shot and killed by members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Sunday evening, ending Vance’s alleged violent rampage that began on October 23. Vance was wanted on multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his relatives, Ronald and Valerie Wilkson in Luther, Oklahoma.

The Sheriff's office held a news conference at 3 p.m. Monday. Sheriff John Whetsel announced they arrested one person, 34-year-old Danny Roach, in connection to the manhunt. Sheriff Whetsel said after the murders in Luther, Roach provided Vance with bandages and two 30-round magazines for an AK-47. He also traded Vance's rifle with a different AK-47 that has a shorter barrel. That was the weapon Vance reportedly used in the attempted carjacking in Sayre, the shooting of Dewey County Sheriff, and the shootout with Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) troopers that ended in his death. 

The Sheriff said Roach was aware of Vance being involved in the shootout with Wellston police officers and the homicides. Roach said Vance admitted to, "cutting the wrong side of the victim's neck," and he told Roach he had to cut the other side. He said he killed the female victim after she lied to him.

Roach admitted he was looking out for Vance while Vance was at his home in Oklahoma City. He said as Vance was leaving, a police car drove by and Roach let Vance know when it was clear for him to leave. 

Roach is facing multiple charges, including two counts of accessory to felony murder after the fact and two counts of possession of a firearm after a felony conviction. His bond has been denied. 

The OHP also announced it will hold a news conference Tuesday to discuss troopers' shootout with manhunt suspect Michael Vance. According to the OHP, representatives from other law enforcement agencies will also join the conference to answer questions related to the manhunt for Michael Vance.

OHP Chief Ricky Adams stated, “I deeply appreciate the teamwork between our law enforcement partners.  Together we were able to end a threat to public safety across Oklahoma.”

DPS Commissioner Mike Thompson added, “I am grateful the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was able to work with our law enforcement partners and prevent Vance from harming anyone else. Vance’s wanton disregard for human life was shocking and outrageous to Oklahomans across our state. ” 

News9.com plans to live-stream this news conference as well.