STILLWATER, Oklahoma - Anyone who has been to a game at Boone Pickens Stadium knows just how loud things can get.

Touchdowns and field goals induce cannon fire and the marching band brings the funk, but at Saturday’s game, it wasn't a horn or an incredible catch that the crowd roared the loudest for it was the men and women who ran toward the wreckage of last year’s homecoming crash.

They honored the first responders to last year's homecoming parade crash like Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Steve Burrows.

 “I live in Stillwater so I drive through that intersection once a week. There's not a time that goes by that i don't think about that day,” Burrows said.

Burrows was one of the first to the scene, coordinating helicopter evacuations to hospitals for those the most severely injured. He said he only remembers a few specific details from the action of that day. 

“I do specifically remember the babies crying, I don't know who they were though. It was just get your job done and pray for the best,” he said.

On Saturday, he along with members of the Stillwater Police Department, the National Guard and EMSA were recognized for their bravery.

“It's very humbling. I love what I do. Like I said this is home for me so it's helping your own family. It's gratifying and it's oh-so humbling to feel the love,” he said.

A love Burrows said he's felt on more than one occasion.

“Stillwater's always been a very close community, but since that day, it's even gotten closer. Stillwater's a big family. OSU's a big family and it's very gratifying to see our family come together like it has,” he said.

In the stands, several survivors met with their first responder heroes, trading smiles and stories. However, Burrows, doesn't call himself a hero, only saying all in a day's work.

“Our pleasure. Just doing our job,” he said.