WELLSTON, Oklahoma - There were very intense moments when the suspect in a violent crime spree opened fire on Wellston police.

Two officers were injured Sunday night after being shot by Michael Vance, who is on the run for the sixth day.

News 9 obtained the 9-1-1 audio from the shootout.

Officer: “Hey, hey, there's an AK! (Shots ring out.) I need some back up! I need EMS!”

Released late Thursday afternoon, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office gave another glimpse into the shooting that injured two Wellston police officers, putting one in a wheelchair.

The call begins as a routine stop and quickly escalated. Officers said they started talking with Michael Vance. When they asked if he was a convicted felon, Vance reportedly grabbed a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire.

Officer: “Officer shot!”

Dispatcher 1: “We need EMS! We've got shots fired.”

Dispatcher 2: “Where?!”

Dispatcher 1: “Right here! Where they are at!”

The recording is from inside the Lincoln County Dispatch. As dispatchers scrambled to get paramedics to the scene, rookie Reserve Officer Alfred Hancock was pulling his fellow officers to safety and veteran Officer Jim Hampton was able to fire two rounds, injuring Vance.