OKLAHOMA CITY - A young Bethany woman turns 19 years old Friday, but there won’t be any celebrating. She’s at OU Medical Center in a coma. 

Selina Hill took a gunshot to the chest after, her family says, two men stole a family friend’s bike last Thursday, near Northwest 88th and Shartel.

The Oklahoma City Police Department’s gang investigator is sifting through clues, and police are asking for the public’s help with leads.

Hill’s mother Sherry Hill said her daughter’s situation is grave. “It’s hurtful, you know I just wish they would catch the guys who done it, so they can fight for their lives like my daughter is fighting for her life. She doesn’t deserve it.”

Sherry said her daughter stepped in front of a bullet that may have been intended for her younger sister.

“She was shot under her breast, and then as it went in, it tore her diaphragm, it hit her spleen, punctured her lung, tore up her stomach, and then it came out her back,” said Sherry.