LUTHER, Oklahoma - Police say the family members brutally killed by 38-year-old Michael Vance were Ronald and Valerie Wilkson. With Vance still on the loose, the surviving family members are afraid for their lives.

The Wilksons loved ones spoke exclusively to News 9 and they are edge.

Jim Sproul is the son-in-law of the Wilksons. He said the couple was lovingly known as Ronnie and Kay. Sproul is married to one of their daughters and has been in the family for 16 years.

He said the Wilkson’s four children have so much on their hands. They are trying to plan a funeral, but also watching their backs in case Michael Vance returns.

“Why? I do not know, but it was the most heinous, horrible, mortifying thing you could do, especially if you knew the woman and the man involved,” said Sproul.

Vance went on a shooting spree. After shooting and injuring two Wellston police officers, he shot a victim, then proceeded to Ronnie and Kay’s house in Luther.

That’s where police say he brutally murdered Ronnie and Kay. According to the affidavit for an arrest warrant, Vance shot Ronnie Wilkson and tried to sever his head. It shows he stabbed Kay Wilkson to death with a large knife and attempted to remove her arm.

Hearing those details is tough for Sproul and his family.

“It’s an unfathomable thing,” he said.

He describes the couple as giving, kind, and a big part of the community.

“You and I could both walk down the road, house to house, and I promise you, Kay Wilkson was very well loved, and so was Ronnie,” said Sproul.

Sproul is afraid that other family members could be next. Authorities believe Vance has a lot more people on his mental hit list and they won’t be safe until this criminal is caught.

“They have to go home and worry about if their children are going to be shot, if their friends and their other brothers and sisters are going to be shot. Are we going to wake up and get another phone call? They do not know, and nobody else knows,” said Sproul.

He said the family wants to lay Ronnie and Kay Wilkson to rest and are asking the community for continued support. The funeral is set for Friday and will have plenty of security in place.

Law enforcement officials have established a hotline to deal specifically with tips regarding the search for Vance. That hotline number is (405) 246-9205 and will be manned 24/7 by U.S. Marshals.?