OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The search for 38-year-old Michael Vance continues on day four. He is wanted in connection to a violent, multi-county crime spree. Vance is accused of shooting two Wellston Police Officers, shooting two random victims, carjacking a couple, and brutally murdering two family members.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff is warning that Vance has a possible hit list, targeting people connected to a criminal case against him. It is not a written list, but authorities are taking precaution to keep people in the community safe.

Luke Reeve is one of the individuals contacted by law enforcement. He says he has no doubt that he on Vance’s mental hit list.

“It’s been a crazy, traumatic experience for us. I can’t believe he did this,” Reeve tells News 9.

He said he met Michael Vance in November 2014 after hiring him. They quickly became close family friends. Reeve said Vance was doing well with the company. He said his fiancé’s little sister was 13-years-old at the time and about the same age as Vance’s daughter. They would have frequent sleepovers.

But one day in September 2015, the girl came home crying saying Vance touched her inappropriately. Reeve said he fired Vance on the spot. A protective order was filed by his fiancé along with a police report for rape. With lack of evidence, Vance was never charged with the crime.

Shortly after, Reeve said Vance vandalized their property with vengeance. He showed News 9 a photo of his car with an orange target graffitied on.

Reeve believes everything spiraled from there and thinks the shootings and murders this week could have been prevented. He believes Vance should have been in jail.

Reeve’s said his family was contacted by the U.S. Marshals and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. They were asked to leave their home because they could be one of Vance’s next targets. Reeve said even to go home and get a change of clothes, police officers are setting a perimeter and escorting his family. They are  hiding out in an undisclosed location.

He describes Vance, “He is a Class A manipulator. I’m ready for him to be caught.”

At last check, Vance was driving a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with Oklahoma license plate 943-LQQ.

Law enforcement officials have established a hotline to deal specifically with tips regarding the search for Vance. That hotline number is (405) 246-9205 and will be manned 24/7 by U.S. Marshals.