SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - Shawnee police believe they've solved the brutal murder of a 91-year-old woman.

A family member found the body of Florence Fife Saturday in her home.

Detectives told News 9 the two broke into Fife’s east Main Street home Friday or Saturday, looking for valuables.

Police said Fife was stabbed in the neck.

On Monday, detectives admitted they needed the public’s help in solving the case.

Tips soon began to come into the department.

“Someone just happened to be in the right place and overheard someone talking about the crime, which lead us from one person to the next,” Shawnee police detective Jason Crouch said.

Police also arrested Dustin Younger. He's accused of helping the two suspects after the murder.

“It’s a fortunate result for an unfortunate situation,” Crouch said.

It’s the result and relief that many in Shawnee didn’t expect this soon.

“Glad they’ve been caught. Now they can pay for what they did,” said Tonya Ellis who dropped flowers and balloon at Fife’s home Wednesday.