Another big hike in the cost of health insurance under Obamacare may be the November surprise in this election.

I asked you to tell me your experience with the Affordable Care Act, almost unanimously they were negative:

Linda's angry, "Before pd. $464 for both me and my husband now $970 per month. No bad health issues. It's a joke."

Keith in Yukon writes, "For my daughter and her 2 children, the cost was around 1200, 1300 per month."

Jessica says Obamacare saved her Mom's life, "Because she now has access to affordable healthcare, she was able to obtain this medication and is now cured of a previously incurable disease."

Greg, a small business owner in Edmond says, "Full family coverage is now$1600 per month. If you think this is working you are delirious."

Robin in Oklahoma City says she's out, " rates have jumped every year since obamacare (sic).  im (sic) just gonna pay penalty."

Kelcy in Meeker taking it a step further than that, "They will have to garnish (aka STEAL) the penalty from my tax refund each year if they want my money."

And finally Roshelle in Thomas, says they've purchased insurance just not what is required, so they're being fined by the IRS. "..they kept our refund and billed us for the rest. I still haven't paid it. I'm not going to either."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.