OKLAHOMA CITY - Last Friday afternoon, Mark Thrower said he got an alert that a package had been delivered to his home of 18 years in the Ski Island subdivision in northwest Oklahoma City.

“So we came home and the packages weren’t here,” he explained.

With no package on the porch, Thrower said he started sifting through his security footage and found some suspicious activity around 2:30 p.m.

In the video, you see a white car backing up in front of the home and a man gets out and goes straight for the box at the front door.

“I don’t think it’s the first time he’s done this because he wouldn’t have had his passenger side window down,” he explained.

In the video, the man is seen throwing the packaged in the window on his way back to the driver’s seat.

A second camera angle caught a closer look at the thief, Thrower said. He hopes someone will be able to recognize him.

“You feel completely violated. It’s your stuff and you’re expecting it and it’s something that you wanted and somebody else just comes and grabs it,” he told News 9.

Ironically, the day after this happened, Thrower said he got a letter in the mail asking if he'd like to sign up for a neighborhood watch social network called Nextdoor.

He not only downloaded the app, but warned those in the group about the alleged thief.

“The only way that we can stop it is for people to be aware of what’s going on,” Thrower said.

Thrower said it was a Bluetooth keyboard he had ordered from Amazon that was in the package, and he said he found the open and empty box a couple blocks down the street.

Thrower said he filed a report with Oklahoma City police after this happened and handed over his security video to investigators.