OKLAHOMA CITY - Local crime experts are analyzing the bizarre rant Michael Vance posted on Facebook Live during his criminal rampage. 

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Associate Criminal Justice Professor Howard Kurtz said Vance’s on-camera actions depict a man either in rage, or in serious denial, and possibly on drugs.  

“In this case, it’s pretty clear, he’s up there, and he’s not coming down,” Kurtz said.  

Former Oklahoma City police lieutenant and longtime defense attorney Irven Box — who said he’s watched the Facebook video “10 to 15 times,” said Vance did not look like he was unaware of what he was doing.

“Everything on this video he made, he’s driving a car, he’s Facebook-ing … refusing to answer his phone, sounds like his sister is calling, he sounds like he’s competent. He may be enraged, but as I said, his competency level is very high, because he’s clear on what his next moves are,” Box said.

Law enforcement officials have established a hotline to deal specifically with tips regarding the search for Vance. That hotline number is (405) 246-9205 and will be manned 24/7 by U.S. Marshals.