LUTHER, Oklahoma - Michael Vance is accused of killing two family members and shooting four other people, including two Wellston police officers.

He has a long criminal history and went live on Facebook for part of the spree which stretches from Wellston to Luther and all the way to Sayre.

Vance was recently released from the Lincoln County jail on a child sex crime offense.

He has been a fugitive now for more than 27 hours and is thought to be armed with an A-K 47.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) warns that Vance could be back in the Luther area and his family members are protecting themselves.

OCSO spokesman Mark Opgrande said a few family members have been placed in protective custody.

Some family members were seen arming themselves Monday at Ronald and Valerie Kay Wilkson's home near N.E. 206th and N. Triple XXX Road.

Court records state the Wilksons were killed by Vance on Sunday night.

Wilkson family members told News 9 they believe Vance is after the couple's sons. 

One of their sons had an assault rifle in the driveway about 4 p.m. Monday.

Though it was difficult for a passerby, including News 9 crews, to make out who was pointing the firearm.

Luther police quickly responded to the 911 call.

Sgt. Michael Oliver said they want to be called about anything considered suspicious.

"We got that it was possibly the suspect," Oliver explained. "We were already planning out how we were going to react and where we would park stuff like that."

When officers arrived, they had a few disadvantages.

Oliver said the area is open so there were few places to take cover and the sun was limiting their view.

"We really couldn't get a good visual of who the person was until he got closer," Oliver said. It was not the suspect.

The victims' son told officers he was just preparing for the worst case scenario.

"Their concern is he [Vance] is going to show back up to the house," Oliver said.

The son told the officers the family wanted to prepare in case they had to defend themselves.

The Wilkson family, neighbors and the community are still on edge.

Authorities say Vance tried to decapitate his uncle and stabbed his aunt to death.

After the slayings, court records state that Vance stole the couple's car, a silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Oklahoma tag 943-LQQ to continue the crime spree.

On behalf of OCSO, Opgrande explained Vance was last seen leaving the Flying J's in Sayre after a shooting and attempted carjacking.

Opgrande said Vance left the store heading eastbound on Interstate 40 and it is possible he's plans to return to Luther.

Luther police said they've now stepped up patrols and they are encouraging residents to report anything suspicious.

"We would rather it be nothing, than to find out it was something," said Oliver. 

Law enforcement officials have established a hotline to deal specifically with tips regarding the search for Vance. That hotline number is (405) 246-9205 and will be manned 24/7 by U.S. Marshals.