OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are warning against an auto-repair scam going on in Oklahoma City.

According to police, there have been two cases where women were targeted while in their cars. The first incident happened on Sunday, October 16. A woman was driving in the 5900 block of N. May when a man pulled up along-side of her and told her that her tire was about to fall off. She pulled into a nearby parking lot where a male suspect told her he could fix her tire for $225.  

The second case happened on Tuesday, October 18. A woman was getting into her car outside of the Belle Isle Walmart when a van blocked her in. A male suspect got out and told her that he could fix dents on her car right then and there. After working on her car for a few minutes, he told her that she owed him $140, even though she never gave him permission to begin work.

Another male suspect reportedly put suction cups and wax all over the victim’s car, and tapped the car with mallets. He then told the victim to wait at least 30 minutes to remove the wax, as it was heat-activated and it would continue to pull out the dents.

The suspects left after the victim gave him the money. When the victim removed the wax, the dents were still there.

In each of the cases, the suspect was very aggressive in his pitch to the victims and demanded cash payment at the time.

If you ever feel that you are being scammed, Oklahoma City police urge you to call 911.