OKLAHOMA CITY - One Oklahoma City police officer has been stripped of his gun and badge over the weekend.

The FBI's annual nationwide anti-prostitution and anti-human trafficking efforts referred to as Operation Cross Country occurred in Oklahoma City last week.

Edwards allegedly tipped off a prostitute to the undercover operation that involved his fellow officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department, state and federal agents.

According to Oklahoma County jail records, Edwards' disclosure did not dissuade two dozen individuals from engaging in prostitution-related activities.

However, he was arrested for aiding in prostitution, obstructing justice, computer crimes, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Edwards is accused of contacting an accused prostitute, Kiana Mongi, 21, through her ad on Backpage.com and warning her about the undercover sting operation.

Mongi obviously ignored the warning.

According to court records, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Human Trafficking unit responded to Mongi's ad on Backpage.com Thursday.

Mongi then met an undercover agent at a hotel on the Northwest Expressway where she agreed to have sex in exchange for $220. OBNDD arrested Mongi.

During that process, the agents discovered the details involving Edwards," Capt. Paco Balderrama said in a news conference Monday.

Balderrama said Oklahoma City police immediately began a criminal investigation and found Edwards tried to arrange a meeting for sex with Mongi.

"I don't know how far back they go ... as far as a relationship," Balderrama said.

Balderrama said the activity did not occur while Edwards was on duty.

An administrative investigation is now underway. Edwards is on administrative leave.

Edwards' attorney, Tony Coleman, did not return News 9's calls in time for this report. According to court records, Edwards has not been charged in the criminal case yet.

Also, criminal charges are pending against the two dozen prostitution-related arrests from the weekend.

The FBI in Oklahoma City is expected to hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon to reveal more information on those arrests, as well as results from Operation Cross Country.